Who we are

Cantoria-Praha ladies' choir was founded towards the end of 1985. Its conductor and art director Mrs. Jaroslava Halamová, MA, established the choir under the auspices of the Department of Culture of Municipal authorities of the district of Prague 9. Within its existence Cantoria-Praha has been attended by dozens of lady-singers of all age brackets. Currently the number of members has settled around 40. Mrs. Helena Svatoňová has long co-operated with the choir as its répétiteur and pianist. The choir has the statute of Civic Association.

Jaroslava Halamova and Helena Svatonova

At the time of its establishment the choir was a chamber one whose focus was mainly on arrangements of folk songs by Czech and Slovak composers. Even then, however, the repertoire contained also works by world famous composers like Mozart, Händel and Brahms.
Nowadays Cantoria-Praha sings multilateral repertoire from old music to contemporary composers including spirituals, opera choirs, musical songs and various arrangements of folk songs.
The choir is often invited to perform on various occasions and sings at festive events (National Museum in Prague, State holiday - 1998,1999, 2000, 2001; filming in 1991; Prague Feast of Songs - 1991; Jihlava - 1993; series of concerts in Prague Hlahol hall - 1994; IX. Prague Days of Choral Singing - 1995; Festival of amateur choirs in Svitavy - 1996; International competition Feast of songs, Olomouc - 2001; International competition of choral singing in Verona - 2003; competition festival Praga Cantat - 2003; tour on invitation of Lichtenrader Chor Berlin - 2004; International coral competition Sopoty, Poland - 2005; Cantate Budweis - 2008; International Festival of Advent Songs in Budapest, Hungary - 2009; series of concerts in Czech and Moravian towns - Praha, Znojmo, Brno, Janské lázně, České Budějovice, Český Krumlov).
Regular yearly performances and Christmas concerts in Prague concert halls and churches belong to the choir's tradition. (St. Nicholas Church in the Old Town square, Emauzy, Clementinum, Hlahol hall, Salesian theatre, St. Simon and Juda church, St. Martin in the Wall church, etc.).

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